Louie Recap: Make Way for Ducklings

Last night, Louie traveled to Afghanistan, where he became the latest in a long line of smirking funnymen — Bob Hope, Robin Williams, Dick Cheney — to visit the front lines and attempt to cheer up the troops. It was a notable night of firsts: The first hour-long episode of Louie; the first onscreen credit for Louis C.K.’s 6-year-old daughter, who came up with the idea; and the first non-PBS TV show to include a lengthy aside about duck anuses.

Indeed, the opening stand-up routine for "Duckling" was appropriately fowl-o-scentric. "Ducks have one hole," he says. "And they pee out of it, and they shit out of it, they get fucked in it, and they lay eggs out of it. That has to got be one smelly, dirty hole. I feel a little bad for the man duck." Read More...



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