ROOKIE BLUE “Best Laid Plans” Review

ROOKIE BLUE "Best Laid Plans" Season 2 Episode 10 – There are only three episodes left of this season of Rookie Blue, and it has been a wonderful summer for the show which, frankly, I was not too fond of last year, mainly because it veered too often into melodrama, between Andy’s love triangle and her clichéd ridden alcoholic father who used to be the man on the police force who she was now burdened with, the show felt like an amalgamation of other shows and never really moved out of its box and became its own thing.

However, the second season changed my opinions of the show. It started off strongly, and only got stronger as the show subverted expectations for the clichéd and instead brought on interesting cases while developing their tertiary characters, keeping the core characters front and center, giving them, for the most part, interesting things to do and arcs which complimented the actors’ talents. In short, thesecond season really built up the world of Rookie Blue and though I sound like a huge nerd, I’m a sucker for world building. Read More...


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