SUITS (USA) “Shelf Life” Review

SUITS (USA) "Shelf Life" Episode 10 – So much to talk about in this episode, I hardly know where to begin. Poor Mike is gets presented with his possible future when Harvey has to fire one of the firm’s accountants because he lied on his resume about his education and experience. But though seeing what Stan had to go through scared Mike, I think what he’s not realizing is that Stan didn’t have someone like Harvey on his side.

In the end I found it extremely interesting that Mike asks Harvey why he did this TO him. That’s a very interesting question, from both sides. Why would Mike say that? If he thought things were so terrible for him, then (as Harvey said) why not quit? And yet, Mike does have a point. Harvey doesn’t do things unless they’re for himself. Or does he? I think Harvey is trying his damndest to raise Mike up to his level, but what I’m not sure about is why. Why does he want this kid to break out of his shell and be all that he has the potential to be? Did someone do the same for him once? Is he trying to return the favor? I’m hoping we get to find out more about that soon. Read More...


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