'Big Brother 13': There's a new twist to the game


Don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled about the "Big Brother 13" live feeds.So - the feeds went down Friday evening (Aug. 26) in what we assumed was the nomination ceremony. But when they came back, the house was abuzz with a new (old) twist - the duos are back in play.It sounds like there was a Pandora's Box, which presumably was opened by Porsche as the new HOH. And now the duos are Rachel/Jordan, Kalia/Porsche and Shelly/Adam. What does this mean for the game? We don't know yet.UPDATE: It also sounds like Porsche won $5000 from the Pandora's Box event. And if Rachel and Jordan as a duo win POV, they both come off the block. [CBS certainly isn't making it easy on the newbies, are they? Jordan asked for a coup d'etat and she may have been given one, if they can win POV.]We'll keep this post updated with any...



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