Michael Goes Undercover with Hijackers on 'Burn Notice' (VIDEO)

When you go undercover with armed people willing to kill you for any reason, you have to think on your feet. On Thursday's 'Burn Notice' (Thursdays, 9PM on USA), Michael had to invent a story to keep a bunch of thieves trying to rob a billionaire at a local executive airport from harming their hostages. He also had to keep the billionaire away from them.
There was a lot of acting involved, especially after the billionaire's plane was rerouted and the hostage escaped, while Michael was left with the gun-toting thieves. And they weren't buying his story about Marsden, a vigilante Michael has told them was attacking their operation, even after they found Michael lying in some smashed glass after a supposed attack.
"I am concerned that he seems to know all of our moves before we make them," the lead scary thug said. "But you know everything about him. In fact, you're the only one who's ever seen him. Why is that?? Michael didn't have a clear answer, but the thief thought he did. "You and Marsden are working together." In the sense that Michael made him up out of thin air to make the thieves feel threatened, sure, Michael and Marsden were working together.



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