Doctor Who 6.08 "Let's Kill Hitler" Review

"Let's Kill Hitler" was the best episode of Doctor Who series 6 so far. The midseries premiere aired Saturday night and was, from start to finish, one of the most satisfying outings the Doctor, Amy, and Rory have ever been on. Writer Steven Moffat took about ten questions from the show's ongoing story arc and answered them without making the episode feel rushed or disjointed. It was a cracker of an episode, as star Matt Smith might say.

The relative lack of Hitler was actually quite welcome. He was just a catalyst for plot development; the episode needed him to introduce the Teselecta and then unceremoniously shoved him in a cupboard (providing one of Rory's best scenes).

By contrast, the new character Mels turned out to be one of the highlights of the episode. As my fellow TVOvermind staff writer Paul Kerton so wonderfully put it, it seemed at first as though the episode had "just dropped a LOST-style Paolo and Nikki on us." Mels seemed retconned in as a previously unseen best friend who would now prove to be important. And, to an extent, she was. But when one of the episode's first twists was revealed -- that Mels was actually a previous incarnation of River Song -- it didn't feel forced at all. It worked. Read More...


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