Doctor Who Promo: Episode 6.09 "Night Terrors"

With its complex storyline and solid writing, it's sometimes hard to remember that Doctor Who is, at its heart, a childrens' show. Sure, it's better than most adult fare, but when the scary monsters are written, they're written with the intention to scare children (it sounds awful when I put it that way). That's what the Weeping Angels are, that's what the Daleks are, that's what the Silence is.

The episode "Night Terrors" is no different. It does, after all, feature some pretty scary dolls terrorizing a little boy. It's essentially a "monster-in-the-closet" tale by the looks of it. Will it be able to frighten children? With the creepy costumes the dolls are wearing (The Strangers, anyone?), it seems likely. Of course, the episode seems to have a 'face your fears' theme that is also aimed at children (though of course it might be poignant for adults as well). Read More...


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