'Breaking Bad' - 'Problem Dog': In or out?

'Breaking Bad' - 'Problem Dog': In or out?

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as I'm charged with misdemeanor trash burning... 

"Only maybe you got it for the wrong guy." -Mike

"Problem Dog" is the midway point of season 4, and an episode that finds various characters caught halfway between one world and another. Time and again, they're asked to choose whether they're in or they're out. Some choose right away, some choose and then change their mind later, and some act like there's no choice at all. 

The man most obviously caught in the middle is Jesse. On one side is Walt: his teacher, his mentor, the man who has repeatedly saved his life, but made that life immeasurably worse.(*) On the other side are Mike and Gus: two men he barely knows, who only a month ago wanted him dead, who lied to his face and had Andrea's brother killed, but who have also showered him with praise and responsibility in recent days in a way that Walt so rarely has, and in a way that only seems like a scam up to a certain point. (Even a man as competent and confident as Mike wouldn't hand a loaded gun to a man he doesn't trust on some level in that setting.)  Read More...



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