‘Entourage,’ Season 8, Episode 6, ‘The Big Bang’: TV Recap

Now we know the answer to the burning question about Entourage. The show revealed, for the first time, that Mrs. Ari’s first name is Melissa.

Meanwhile, every character on the show is going through a crisis of confidence. If you expected to see the carefree boys from Queens lightheartedly continue to conquer Hollywood, one dirty punch line at a time, the dream is over. Doug Ellin, the show’s creator and guiding light, has no interest in stepping back in time. He wants the boys to grow up and they are taking on adult-like responsibilities. As someone who has watched Entourage since nearly the very beginning, I’m glad he is taking us on this journey. It’s an artistic risk to tamper with a tried and true formula, and it’s a good thing that he’s making the attempt.

As the episode begins, Drama and Turtle buttonhole Eric, who is nervous about his relationship with his ex-fiancee Sloan, about having a one-night stand with her step-mother. CBS is weighing Vince’s script for the movie starring Johnny and Vince is flipping out about the disastrous interview he did with Vanity Fair. Read More...



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