Recap: The 'Big Brother' house is in turmoil after Jordan loses her cool

Okay, let me try to grasp this -- Kalia and Porsche are now the power couple in the Big Brother house? The two floaters who've been napping week in, week out? My head is spinning. While I try to grasp this, we might as well find out what's going on in the house. Actually, before we can do that, we're going to be treated to a rewind so we can see the entire process of how Jeff ultimately got the boot -- and had his good pal Shelly turn on him. I'm not sure if I can stand to see it, as I was rooting for Jeff to go at least a little further in the game, but let's just get it over with. 

Shelly tells Rachel that Jeff threw the cornhole competition, which prompts Rachel to ask Jeff if he, indeed, threw the cornhole competition. Doesn't everyone in the house know at this point that Rachel is like a pasta strainer when it comes to gossip? Jeff lies and tells Rachel he didn't throw the competition, as he doesn't want to deal with the girl losing her mind completely, but the bug has been planted -- Jeff realizes he can no longer trust Shelly. Read More...


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