Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Burning Down the House'

When we last left the horny fangers of Bon Temps, King Bill had arrived at a rally for undead/human peace, only to face a brainwashed undead Viking bent on murder. Sookie had inserted herself into middle of the scrum, hell bent on yelling "watch out!" at just the right moment. Now the fight is on! 

Just when Bill is about to bite it, Sookie’s fairy powers emerge. She whips out her magical light-bearing hands and reverses the polarity. Bill is saved. And Eric now remembers everything, including the fact that he’s supposed to be cold and feckless and much better dressed. Dio mio! Antonia’s plot is foiled, and she takes her minions and goes home. Bill and Eric and Sookie are left to look shiftily at each other.  Read More...


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