Soul Link and Higurashi Will Be Uncensored After All

In the last Highs and Lames post that I put up, one of the notes inside regarded a decision made by to willingly censor the upcoming release of eroge Soul Link. After making the announcement, fans were less than pleased and the staff noted that the decision was being revisited. Earlier today, a post went up to the main site announcing a reversal of their previous decision.

Specifically citing the uproar caused by Equality Now in Japan earlier this year and other English speaking countries that have recently tightened their laws, the staff blog noted we originally felt it necessary to take extra precaution to ensure that neither our company nor our customers would face prosecution or other action as a result of our products. After a new round of discussion, the company has decided that they will replace the 6 CG images taken out of Soul Link and a single image which was originally set to be replaced in the upcoming Higurashi - When They Cry release which features a naked Satoko.

Now everyone should go say their thanks to MangaGamer while they still can. I'm sure the bat phone has gone off with the international police who have already zeroed in on them as the new enemy.

Updated: I forgot to include this when I originally posted this but Manga Gamer also recently made the opening animation available for download on their site. I haven't watched it myself yet so I'm not entirely sure about the content. Since it's from an eroge, just assume that the d/l is likely NSFW.

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