Breaking Bad: Problem Dog Review

Even though Gale’s body has long since gone cold on Breaking Bad, his death is still affecting characters and plot-lines on the series in a major way. Too often on a crime drama, which this series has definitely become in these last two seasons especially, the act of murder carries only consequences on the law enforcement side of things. Exploring all of the ways the taking of a life changes the norm in terms of interpersonal relationships and conflicts is one of the ways this series is looking to reinvent what you think you should expect from this type of show.

It can’t be said enough how much the core relationship of this show, that of Jesse and Walt, has changed after Jesse killed Gale. Even though the show has truly expanded to let so many other ancillary characters into the main plot of Walt’s Meth business, the choices that Jesse and Walt make with each other and against each other are still carrying the largest of consequences. Gus was wise to not merely drive a wedge between them by letting Jesse take on some extra responsibility within his operation; he also sought to build Jesse up. For anyone who’s watched this show since day one, the constant berating of Jesse by Walt has been a mainstay and there’s a disturbing sort of empowerment in what’s going on in Jesse’s life now that Mike and Gus have taken an interest in his potential. Read More...


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