'Breaking Bad' recap: Judgement Day

Bad guys are supposed to get their comeuppance. Criminals are supposed to make amends for what they've done, and when they don't, karma's supposed to kick in. So what happens when all bad deeds go unpunished? Where's the incentive to act in a moral way?

That's a question that Jesse's asking himself in this week's episode, "Problem Dog," but it's also one we might ask ourselves as fans. Over the past few seasons, Breaking Bad has become a satire on the idea that one's actions have consequences. So often, Walter White decides to be bad, and he gets rewarded for it. When Skyler discovered that Walt was selling meth, he didn't lose his wife—he gained a partner in crime. When the Mexican cartel wanted to kill Walt, they ended up shooting Hank, which only helped keep Walt safe from the cops' watchful eye a little longer. Why should Walt feel bad about not feeling bad if everything's so good? Read More...



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