HAVEN “The Tides That Bind” Review

HAVEN "The Tides That Bind" Season 2, Episode 7 – I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this week’s episode of Haven. On one hand, there were some really major developments in each character’s story arc which made the episode exciting, but on the other hand, there were a lot of little details within the episode’s plot that still nag at me.

"The Tides That Bind" started off pretty dark with a group of boys singing a creepy song on the dock before they suddenly decide to hog tie one of the boys to a cement block and toss him into the water. Since you don’t often see preteen boys singing creepy songs together, I wasn’t sure what the songhad to do with anything. They didn’t explain that the song or the cement block was part of any ritual or process so I guess it was just supposed to be the scary start of the episode.

The scene worked in that sense, but when Cole Glendower later explained that the boys were going through a metamorphosis, it didn’t really connect to the events in the opening. If this metamorphosis is something that has happened before, I would think there would be a less traumatic way to help the kids develop their aqualungs. Read More...



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