DOCTOR WHO “Let’s Kill Hitler” Review

DOCTOR WHO "Let’s Kill Hitler" Season 6, Episode 8 – So much happened in this week’s episode ofDoctor Who that I’m not exactly sure where to start. I had prepared myself to patiently wait through a couple episodes before we would actually make some headway with the Melody Pond search so I was pleasantly surprised when Hitler was quickly crammed into a closet after a good punch out from Rory.

I never suspected that Mels, Rory and Amy’s childhood friend, would end up being Melody Pond/River Song when she first screeched through that corn field in her red Corvette. I was a little irritated with thearrival of this pushy new character but it turned out that she was an old character in an unfamiliar body. Having Mels regenerate after being hit by Hitler’s stray bullet was an absolutely brilliant way to completely change the direction of the episode. We had been led to believe that this would be a somewhat independent episode when the reality was that this was very much a continuation of events that had been set up throughout this Doctor Who series. Read More...


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