LEVERAGE “The Queen’s Gambit Job” Review

LEVERAGE "The Queen’s Gambit Job" Season 4 Episode 10 – Sterling makes an appearance in this episode seeking the aid of Nathan and his cronies. The team head to Dubai to fetch a device which can cause a nuclear explosion – always a bad thing in my book – and face off some dweeby kid in a chess game. Well, she’s not so dweeby and she’s not really a kid, but she is particularly good at chess. The world chess tournament is being held in Dubai, and Nathan has enlisted as a contestant.

There’s a lot to like about this episode: Sterling is back, one step ahead of the crew, and this time he has a good reason to dupe the team. The star chess player, the aforementioned dweeb, is his real daughter, who has essentially been held hostage by the guy with the nuclear device, AKA the MacGuffin. Though she’s a MacGuffin herself, she’s the rare MacGuffin who is not contrived or false. Read More...



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