Bleach Season 11 Episode 228 Review: Summer! Sea! Swimsuit Festival!

In this weeks episode of Bleach, which is another filler side-tracking from the battle, is a day at the beach with the Bleach gang. More humor than action going on here. It first starts off with the girls of Bleach scoping and looking for the swimsuits of their choosing. They all meet up in the real world at the beach, and Ichigo appears wondering why they are here. They explain that the pool they had built in Soul Society was Byakkun since they built it in the middle of his yard. Then Ichigo realizes that not only Byakkun is there with him, but some others from Soul Society came as well.

Ukitake tries to enjoy himself at the beach, but being as fragile as he is, was overwhelmed by the heat and faints. Ichigo and Renji then go to get some ice for Ukitake at the shack and find Inoue, Ishida, Sado, and Toushirou. Toushirou then provided the ice using his Zanpakutou. Ukitake recovers, somewhat, and decides to have a sand scuplting event for everyone to participate. As everyone is having fun and simply doing there own thing, a Hollow monster creeps out of the sea and grabs Vice-Captain Ise and Kotetsu. Ishida and Sado use there reiatsu attacks but is easily absorbed, and find out only physical attacks will work. Another appears out from under the sand and Renji then attempts to attack but is easily thrown aside.

Everyone scatters and Ichigo is caught by the monster, but before it could strike, Yoruichi and Soifon handle both of them with ease. It turns out that these monsters were actually planned for the whacking the watermelon game, since thats what the monsters look and even taste like. Then more of them pop up from the ground. One for each and everyone to enjoy.

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