Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 34 Review: Surprise! Son Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Son Goku!?

Oh no! What will Goku do? When he comes to, he doesn't quite understand he is looking at himself and doesn't understand why he's in so much pain. It then clicks that he is actually in Ginyu's body! Jeice gives Ginyu his scouter back and they head back to the Frieza's ship. Goku then slowly heads back, not being able to move properly in the new body it takes him a while to get on track. Vegeta has already arrived at the ship and searching through the ship, but isn't able to find it. Just as soon as Krillin and Gohan show up, he hides, waiting for the perfect time to come out make his wish come true. They dig up the Dragon Balls and they try to call out Shenron but he doesn't obviously come out (since it's Porunga in Planet Namek). They don't know what to do when they sense some two beings heading their way. They hide and kill their Ki so they won't get found. Krillin looks and he sees that it is what he thinks is Goku and Jeice. He goes out to talk to them and explains the situation to Goku. He turns around to talk to Gohan when Gohan yells to him that that isn't his father. Gohan notices something odd, while Krillin doesn't catch it at first. He tells them that they've switched bodies but Krillin still doesn't believe him. Meanwhile, Goku is still struggling getting to where everyone is. He realizes that if he is having a hard time moving around in his new body, it should be the same with Ginyu, so he's not too worried. Goku eventually gets there and tells Ginyu exactly what he thinks of the situation. He doesn't believe him so he tries to start with Krillin and Gohan. Then Goku tells them that because his mind and body aren't united, he won't be able to produce any great deal of power. Ginyu tries to power up but he ends up getting up to 23,000, which is far less than what Goku was at, which was 180,000. Jeice tries to step in to help, by order of Ginyu, but that's when Vegeta shows his face. They start fighting and while they are fighting Vegeta tells Jeice that he is one step closer to being the legendary Super Saiyan, before completely destroying him. The fight continues with Ginyu.

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