Planking and Owling Replaced by 'Leisure Diving,' Says 'Today' (VIDEO)

Because the Arab Spring, presidential politics, joblessness, and hurricanes are just too boring and complicated, someone has been hard at work on a new Internet trend to displace Planking and Owling. And 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC) is here to tell you what it is -- Leisure Diving. They showed some of the new viral videos and photos resulting from the trend, which feature people trying to leap into pools in casual positions.

As one hat-backwards Bermuda shorts-wearing dude Alex Scott said, "Leisure Diving is chilling in mid-air." Scott and John Lewis, roommates in New York, claim to have started what 'Today' called a "frenzy," which now includes the Web site Scott said the site had gotten submissions from all over the world.


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