‘The Closer,’ Season 7, Episode 8, ‘Death Warrant’: TV Recap

Brenda and Gabe visit a prison, Ray Diamond, where they interview a shifty prisoner who says he has info on a murder-for-hire that is supposed to go down tomorrow. He wants to tell them about it in exchange for getting his third strike erased.

Brenda is skeptical so the prisoner offers up that the murder has something to do with a case involving the Garcia drug cartel and their banker, Robert Curtis.

The squad suspects that the cartel heard that Curtis was going to turn against them so they ordered the hit.

To get more time with Diamond, who Pope is hot to hand off to the county, Brenda suggests to Raydor that the cops roughed him up when he was arrested. So Raydor goes to interview him about the incident (wink, wink) and find out if the banker is the intended target. Read More...



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