Bleach Season 11 Episode 229 Review: The Rug Shinigami Is Born!

This week on Bleach, It's a stormy day and suddenly something drops from the clouds. Rukia and Ichigo realize it's a Hollow, but before they can dispatch, it's reiatsu vanishes. Ikkaku and Yumichika come to the real world to go after the Hollow which had escaped from the Soul Society labs and are trying to retrieve it. They need a place to stay while in the real world, but Ichigo won't let them stay with him, and Urahara is away, so they're forced to stay with Keigo. For those of you who don't remember, they stayed with Keigo before and judging from his reaction is not pleased with Ichigo leaving the duo at his home. Mizuho, Keigo's sister, is delighted to see Ikkaku because she loves men with shaved heads, but she drives him crazy, and nothing he says or does can keep her away from him. She pesters Ikkaku by trying to be considerate, and even makes a shirt with him and her together on it. All of her pestering leaves the two distracted from trying to accomplish their mission.

Yumichika then thinks that if they get Ikkaku a wig, then she'll lose interest in him, and Yumichika has some fun for himself by super-gluing the wig to Ikkaku's head. The wig succeeds in turning Mizuho off to Ikkaku, but it also has the effect where she starts to treat him extremely poorly and hostile even towards Yumichika, and they end up leaving the house.

Keigo and Mizuho become concerned enough to go out after them, however before they can get very far, they're attacked by the Hollow. Ikkaku and Yumichika come to her rescue, but it turns out that the super-glue that Yumichika used has a side effect of preventing Ikkaku from leaving his faux body. Ikkaku ultimately has to use brute force to rip off the wig, and he saves Mizuho just in time. Having lost consciousness, Mizuho wakes up the next morning and wonders if it was a dream, but vaguely she remembers Ikkaku carrying her home. She catches him just as he and Yumichika are leaving, and she offers to let him stay with her again next time...but only if he gets rid of the wig. When Ikkaku throws off the wig for the final time though, everyone laughs at him because he's grown a single hair.

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