'The Lying Game' Recap: 'Double Dibs'

If I had known that the easiest way to meet a Grade A hottie was to loiter around a public greenspace playing a musical instrument, I would have planted myself in Central Park with flute in hand years ago. Sigh. And so it was that Laurel, jamming out on her violin, met cute jogger boy, who had plenty of flirtatious banter at the ready. "First girl I've met in Phoenix. Lucky me," he teased. Um, lucky all of us.

But let's not forget the eye candy we already know and are learning to love. Like a shirtless Ethan (hubba, hubba), who woke to a video chat call from Sutton. Unfortunately, his pecs only placated her for so long, as he revealed that her parents walked in on him and Emma in her bedroom, and that he kinda, sorta kissed Emma. But that last thing probably wouldn't have happened if, you know, Sutton had told her boyfriend about the whole switching-places business. With tensions running a tad high between the two lovebirds, Sutton did what she had to soothe Ethan: She told him she loved him. Which I'm guessing was the first time she'd uttered those words, seeing as he seemed a bit caught off guard before he returned them. Manipulative much, Sutton? Read More...



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