THE CLOSER “Death Warrant” Review

THE CLOSER "Death Warrant" Season 7 Episode 8 – A pathological liar who also happens to be a prisoner informs Johnson that a hit is about to go down involving a witness in protective custody, a Mexican drug cartel, and some deadly kissing which begins an episode filled with twists and turns, often too many to keep track of. Although I felt the episode lacked a coherent structure, the case itself trumped the convoluted plot twists which fell short of the show’s usual high standards.

Usually, I’m a sucker for serialized story arcs like the Tyrell Baylor case the show is currently pursuing. But this episode I was far more interested in the case. The Baylor case, as it’s being handled right now, seems static, moving at a snail’s pace as though the writers don’t quite know what their next step is or, more likely, as if they just have too little story for too much time and is now concentrating on spreading out the goods thin as they can go. Read More...


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