THE PROTECTOR “Blood” Review

THE PROTECTOR "Blood" Season 1 Episode 11 – The body count is high in "Blood," this week’s episode of The Protector, but not as high as Gloria’s mother (portrayed by Patty Duke).

All three murders are set against the backdrop of a family-owned Mexican restaurant; the first to die is the bartender, who bites it in a parking lot. The whole thing is caught by cameras that are angled just perfectly as to capture every detail. Except, you know, the shooter. Oh, TV surveillance cameras…why can you read the VIN number on a car, but you always miss the killer’s face?

The second to die is the family matriarch who ends up wrapped in a rug and poured into the foundation of the second restaurant that her youngest (and favorite) son was trying to open across town from the original. I usually let TV cops slide a bit on procedure (hey, they have a lot on their minds…it’s hard to walk a crime scene in heels), but I found it a little laughable to imagine that the victim’s family would have been allowed to watch as the body was dug out from the concrete. Or that they’d even want to be there in the first place! Read More...


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