ALPHAS “A Short Time In Paradise” Review

ALPHAS "A Short Time In Paradise" Season 1, Episode 8 – With the Alpha ability featured in this week’s episode of Alphas, it would have been very easy to accidentally let things slide into comical territory. Actually, when Hicks was first exposed to Jonas Englin’s ability, there was something funny about how cult crazy he had become and how completely his personality had changed. Fortunately, the levity was quickly replaced by the vacant stares of Jonas’ creepy followers and a great feeling of unease throughout the compound.

All doped out on Jonas’ extreme pineal gland stimulation, Nina and Hicks could not keep their hands off one another. As a result, there was quite a bit of hot and steamy Alphas action in the mansion. I was a little bit confused by Nina’s reaction to Hicks’ kissing her when he first walked into her place. She didn’t seem very phased by it but since their first incident had been branded a mistake, I would have expected her to react more adversely to that kind of a greeting. I couldn’t tell if that meant that their characters were casually hooking up off screen (which would make a kiss like that no big deal) or if there was something else going on. Read More...


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