THE LYING GAME “Double Dibs” Review

THE LYING GAME "Double Dibs" Episode 3 - Last week on THE LYING GAME I was enthralled with Emma’s ability to take over Sutton’s life, even if there were a few bumps along the road. I did wonder how her family and friends could not notice the change in her. That is even a bigger question this week. More time has passed, although it seems like only a couple days, and Emma is acting more like herself than Sutton. Now, I wouldn’t expect anyone to figure out Emma is an imposter, but shouldn’t they be more concerned about the huge change in "Sutton’s" personality? Is it possible that because she is so much more enjoyable and pleasant to be around, that they are willing to look the other way?

What was even more intriguing about this episode of The Lying Game though was the backstory about the girls’ adoption. With every new piece of information that Sutton finds, the story gets even seedier. What we know now is an "adoption broker" brokered adoptions of both girls but paid a woman to pretend to be their mother and sign the documents. Sutton ended up with her family and all was well. Unfortunately, Emma was taken back by yet another unknown woman pretending to be the birth mother. So many questions. Why would someone take Emma back just to have her end up in a foster home? Who currently wants to keep these secrets? I think Alec is one of them. Read More...


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