WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: ‘The 40th Floor’

Hey, Warehouse 13 fans! This week’s episode, "The 40th Floor", was intense from start to finish, right?

One thing I loved about it is that the entire team worked together to solve the same case. It made the episode seem less choppy and more cohesive when it flipped from scene to scene and character to character. Also, since the characters were experiencing (mostly) the same plot, it allowed for good character development–especially for Steve Jinks, who really got to see firsthand how ‘dedicated’ Mrs F is to the warehouse. More on that later.

The episode begins with a woman being tortured. She’s strapped to a chair and her hand is being pressed with the doorknob artifact from the previous episode. Her torturer is searing it into her hand until she reveals some sort of secret. Even when the secret is revealed, the torturer uses the doorknob to obliterate the woman, and as she practically disintegrates, we see that the torturer is none other than this season’s baddie, Agent Sally Stukowski. Read More...



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