Bleach Season 12 Episode 230 Review: A New Enemy! The Materialization of Zanpakutou

Though this episode is another filler, I'm already enjoying the plot, story, an action, and already wondering how this will all turn out. A new story in the Bleach series focusing now on the Zanpakutou, the sword and also companion of a Shinigami. A Zanpakutou is based on the abilities and shape of the Shinigami's soul. They are able to communicate with their Zanpakutou and grow stronger together. They are born with the Shinigami, as well as die with the Shinigami.

Ichigo is in his inner world an awakens to find Zangetsu asking if he can hear something. Ichigo can't though an is somewhat confused by this, so Zangetsu decides to let it go. Meanwhile, in Soul Society, several of the Captains and Vice-Captains have been noticing their Zanpakutou acting oddly, such as Byakuya when he's sparring with Renji, and Hitsugaya when he tries to summon Hyourinmaru. Suddenly, everyone is summoned by Captain-Commander Yamamoto who calls a late night emergency meeting for everyone to attend immediately. After almost everyone else has gathered, Yamamoto's Vice-Captain Sasakibe shows up and then collapses, but there's still no sign of Captain-Commander Yamamoto himself. Instead, a new figure appears, and he claims that Yamamoto isn't coming.

Komamura immediately tries to get this person to say what he did to Yamamoto, and when there's no answer, Komamura takes action an attacks. He even initiates bankai, but to everyone's surprise, his Zanpakutou attacks him instead of the new enemy. Komamura is barely able to dodge, and he then has to fight the physical form of his own Zanpakutou. This leads to his defeat, and when the other Shinigami try to release their own swords, none are successful. The new figure explains that he's freed their Zanpakutou from them, and to make matters worse, some of those Zanpakutou are already wreaking havoc all over Soul Society. The Shinigami are powerless and can only watch as each of their Zanpakutou join the person who introduces himself as Muramasa. He then declares that the rule of Shinigami over the Zanpakutou is over and that from now on, the Zanpakutou will rule over the Shinigami.

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