Alphas: "A Short Time in Paradise" Review

Ah, it's always nice to see Garret Dillahunt play a scary bad guy isn't it? In the past year, we've seen a different side of the talented actor through his very funny performance on Raising Hope, but I'm glad he used his summer hiatus to pop over to Alphas to flex his creepy villain muscles – giving us our second Terminator guest star in a row after Summer Glau (though the real connection here is, again, that both had previously worked on The 4400 with Ira Steven Behr). 

Of course Jonas wasn't portrayed as evil in the traditional sense, but he was certainly far gone – having been raised by a preacher who "purified" his entire congregation after Jonas, as a young boy, used his ability on his father and others, which gave them a spiritual, euphoric feeling, only to be followed by a lethal sickness. Dillahunt was perfect as this guy who truly wanted to help people, but couldn't accept the dark side of what he was doing to them.  Read More...


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