Warehouse 13: "The 40th Floor" Review

Wow, that was one hell of a hard hitting episode! For a minute I thought I was watching an episode of 24. I've always said that this show is at its best when it takes off the kid gloves and gets into some good drama, and this episode is the quintessential example of how awesome Warehouse 13 can be when it goes easy on the silliness and focuses on the action. 

The very first minutes of this story set the tone for an episode that doesn't hold back. We begin with a gruesome sequence that shows Sally Stukowski torturing one of the regents with that nasty doorknob artifact she stole. It's topped off with a wonderful voiceover done by Saul Rubinek. It's a great start, and I was afraid the episode might have peaked early. But it just gets keeps getting betterRead More...



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