ThunderCats: "Journey to the Tower of Omens" Review

While I gave "Song of the Petalars" high marks for being surprisingly touching, I'm giving "Journey to the Tower of Omens" an ace grade because it was just a really solid adventure. With all the events that transpired it actually had a sort of "season finale" feel to it - which now just makes me even more excited for the actual season finale. 

So we already knew that the "tech" on Third Earth had direct ties to Mumm-Ra, but early on in this one we got a flashback that gave us a bit more back-story on Mumm-Ra - or should I say "Lord Mumm-Ra - and his relationship with the Cats. Granted not all of the questions were answered, but it was fun to see that the Cats did, once upon a time, have tons of tech; tanks, flying ships and whatnot. So this explains the ThunderTank and why there are mechanical items out there with Cat emblems on them.  Read More...


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