One Piece Season 1 Episode 39: Wanted! Recap

Arlong has completely trapped Luffy in the ocean while Zoro faces the six-sword wielding octopus man Hatchan.

The episode opens with Luffy struggling to hold his breath underwater. Hachi and Zoro square off as Zoro is manage to slice off the tips of Hachi's hair. Zoro swings his sword again, only using one sword because the other two were wrecked in his fight with Mihawk, and Hachi attempts to catch it with his hands. He fails, and his forehead starts to bleed. As Sanji and Kuroobi continue their fight, Hatchi uses Tako Hachi Number 9, leaping up onto a pillar and hanging on. As he hangs there, Zoro starts to weaken, the pain from his wound returning. Genzo sees that Zoro is in pain and demands that he help, but Johnny and Yosaku hold him back, saying that he stands no chance. Hatchi then goes on about how he has a great secret of how no human swordsman can defeat him. He leaps onto the roof and takes out six swords, but Zoro collapses from pain. Hachi gets angry for being ignored, and the villagers are worried for Zoro. Sanji looks over, and Kuroobi makes use of the moment of distraction to deliver a punch to Sanji's midsection that sends him plowing through a wall. Kuroobi declares that he is a Level 40 Merman Karate artist.

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