'Big Brother 13': Shelly or Adam, who goes home?


When we last left our "Big Brother 13" hamsters, Porsche had won Head of Household and CBS had re-instituted the duo twist via Pandora's Box (because by God, they will get Rachel and Jordan to the end if it kills them).Post-Pandora's BoxTo her credit, Porsche totally regrets taking Pandora's Box and ruining her four-person alliance for $5000 (and 5K for her partner Kalia). Meanwhile, Rachel and Jordan are naturally ecstatic. Well, Rachel's ecstatic. Jordan is a little slower in jumping on the excitement train.So Porsche nominates "Rojo," as they are calling themselves (via the live feeds, which it's not too late to sign up for). But it hardly matters this week who is on the block. Later, Rachel and Jordan approach Kalia and Porsche for a final four deal. Everybody seems on board - that no matter who wins what, Shelly and Adam are the next two gone. But we'll see if that works out....



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