Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday - Pandora's Box Blowback

When is $5,000 more than $500,000? When you’re Porsche and you’re Head of Household in the home stretch of "Big Brother," that’s when. Had anyone but Porsche been HoH, I’m not sure the game would have slipped Pandora’s Box into the room. Because who else would be silly enough to open it at this stage in the game? Doing so netted her a cool 5K, but also opened the door for Rachel and Jordan to stave off elimination, as the Duo Twist is back in effect now for one week. It’s Rachel/Jordan vs. Kalia/Porsche vs. Shelly/Adam. Just as we all predicted when this started a few months ago. Cough.

Onto tonight’s recap!

"I 100% regret taking Pandora’s Box," says Porsche. No kidding. Rachel is so happy, I’m worried that Brendon has somehow snuck back into the house. Jordan, however, is upset that she didn’t win HoH. Odd. Girl’s gone loco since Jeff left. Are there are any sharp objects in the house? Maybe CBS should remove them before Jordan literally stabs Shelly in the back. Over in the sanitarium, the newbies try to regroup after Porsche’s tactical error. "She’s got more stuffing in her chest than in her head," Shelly moans. I honestly can’t tell if that’s a compliment. Read More...


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