Tonight's TV: Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009 - Featured

* More to Love (9/8c Fox)

Heather's regurgitation strategy seems to have worked for now. So did Lauren's cattiness. (Not only was Luke not offended, but he sent two gals she dissed packing!) And, in the end, Kristian's groveling ("You're the perfect man") did the trick as well. All three remain among the 12 left standing tonight. It's prom night, an evening of no small psychological significance for many heavyset folks. There are also two one-on-one dates, and at the ring ceremony, Luke reduces the field to eight.

* America's Got Talent (9/8c NBC)

America's got variety, too. Last week's first performance showcase proved as much: Taking to the stage were such acts as break-dancers on skates (Breaks8); a 14-year-old songstress (Thia Megia); choreographed dancers (the Platt Brothers); drag-queen entertainers (the Diva League); a golden-girl comic (Grandma Lee); and a formidable illusionist (Drew Thomas). Some thrilled with skill. Others will need to keep their day jobs. The ratings-grabbing summer show continues tonight with the second performance edition, featuring 10 more acts dreaming they'll make the much-desired Top 20.

*Swords: Life on the Line (9/8c Discovery Channel)

If we've learned anything from Deadliest Catch, it's that the right combination of rugged fishermen, rough conditions and well-placed cameras can hook an audience. Switch coasts and swap the crabs for swordfish, and you've got the premise of this new "man-vs.-sea" reality series. Tonight's debut covers the opening of the fall-fishing season, which is anything but smooth sailing for the crew on a boat that promptly suffers engine failure.

* Rescue Me (10/9c FX)

This is Maura Tierney's third episode, but the first in which we know her character's name. It's Kelly and, given Tommy's Janet-Sheila dilemma, don't be surprised if she'll come to represent a third option. Not tonight. They do have drinks, but Tommy also takes a stroll down memory lane with Sheila. Actually, it's more like a trek. In other romantic news, things seem to be coming together for Lou and Candy. Now all he has to do is get Tommy on board.

*Primetime: The Outsiders (10/9c ABC)

Outsider, the third component of the Primetime summertime troika, begins its fourth season by following lions so dangerous that they're endangered. The problem, of course, is that they can't be allowed to kill people (or scare off tourists). But how to stop them without killing them? Reporter Jay Schadler follows South African Kevin Richardson ("the lion whisperer") and Canadian Dave Salmoni (an Animal Planet regular) as they try to make two African animal kingdoms, including one in Namibia, a bit more peaceable.

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