RESCUE ME “Vow” Review

RESCUE ME "Vows" Season 7 Episode 8 – Do you remember the first time you saw Usual Suspects? If, like me, you watched it on the recommendation from friends that it was an amazing movies, one of the best films they’d ever seen, then about ten minutes before the end you were probably questioning the illegality of lobotomies. But then the film flipped a complete 180 in the closing few minutes in one of the ultimate plot twists in film history.

This episode reminded me of Usual Suspects. The focus of the first three quarters was on the wedding. It tried to shoehorn a lot of stuff into the ceremony which was frustrating: renewing Tommy and Janet’s vows; Sheila’s drunken monologue, which, frankly, just felt like an excuse to give Callie Thorne something to do; Tommy walking Colleen down the aisle. There was something so annoying about Colleen’s insistence that her father could not walk her down the aisle. I mean, yeah, Tommy’s a douche, but he’s still her dad and it was such a dickish move on her part to refuse to let him do what amounts to, I think, a really big moment in a dad’s life, especially when he was standing there, sober as a judge. Denis Leary was good as ever, but I just wish the relationship with his daughters (Colleen and the nameless one, the one whose personality is defined by her mother’s moods and therefore generally set to ‘shrill’) had been fleshed out more. Read More...


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