THE HOUR “Part Three” Review

THE HOUR Season 1 Part 3 – The third slice of The Hour was all about revelations, consummations and dead pheasant as Freddie and Bel spent a weekend in the country with Hector’s family. There’s something so quintessentially British about gathering a group of relative strangers together at a mansion in the middle of nowhere and forcing them to be polite to each other for two days. It either forges alliances or exposes cracks…or both.

In addition to Bel and Freddie, Hector’s family issues invites to the douchebag representative from the Prime Minister’s office who hates Bel, as well as our dead debutante’s alcoholic actor fiancee, Adam. Freddie, who absolutely loves putting people on the spot, can’t wait to quiz them about the Suez Canal and Ruth’s death respectively. At first he has no luck, but then Adam gets more than a little booze into him…and suddenly he can’t keep his mouth shut.

So, poor Ruth was in trouble in more than one way; Adam implies that she was pregnant, presumably not with his child, and that the match was arranged for that reason, as well as to hide who he was. To me, that means gay, but it could have something to do with the conspiracy plot, I suppose. He’s not allowed to say much more before Sleazy PM Rep shuts him down and proclaims him a babbling drunk. Hmm…why does a government official care whether a dead debutante was pregnant? Read More...


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