The Web’s Other Therapy Show, ‘Then We Got Help’

You might not know Julie Ann Emery. In fact, when you look up Emery on IMDb, a user-generated list appears on the side titled, "The Best TV Actresses Whose Faces You Know But Names You Might Not." Perhaps most often recognized for her supporting role in Hitch, Emery has been consistently working in film and television for a decade and has a career many actresses would envy.

But like so many independent web show creators before her, Emery had an itch to go beyond her acting roots into writing and directing. Noticing many of her talented actor friends were out of work, the New York-based Emery started to write Then We Got Help, a series about four couples who collectively — and comedically — attend weekly therapy sessions to work through their problems. Each week Emily (Emery) shoots videos of the sessions, and the show is filmed docu-style, which has helped the show’s reputation as organic and honest. Read More...


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