Dave Hester's Hazing Ways Take Center Stage on 'Storage Wars' (VIDEO)

Dave Hester stands out from the other bidders on 'Storage Wars' (Wednesdays, 10PM on A&E) with his aggressive style and habit of yelling "yuuup" for every bid. He also gets on his fellow bidders' nerves fairly frequently, something the show highlighted with a montage of his best (or worst) work.

The clips showed Hester bidding and taking on his competition, not always in a friendly manner. "Does anyone else in the crowd throw up in their mouth every time he says 'yuuup!'" said Barry Weiss to a bystander at one auction.

Still, Hester is one of the big shots in the business, and he's not afraid to let people know that. "When I got involved in it, everybody that was a heavy hitter then tried to do everything they could to put me through the hazing, to put me out of business," he said. That explains his point of view, but as Jarrod Schulz asked, when does Hester stop hazing everyone else?


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