'Big Brother 13': Shelly fights to stay, but to no avail


Julie welcomes us to "Big Brother 13" by saying that the duo twist will "claim its next victim" tonight. Oh, if only it was "Big Brother" meets "Harper's Island."Post-POV CeremonyShelly has been busting her butt all week about trying to stay over Adam. I'm sure the editing will making it look close to keep the suspense, but I'm pretty sure Shelly is going home. Meanwhile, Adam DRs that he's not sure who the target is ....... really, Adam?Later, the Fortune Teller starts moving around and Shelly hears it. She's convinced she can get it to give her something, but she is mistaken. Producer Allison Grodner tweeted, "The fortune teller might not have spoken tonight, but rest assured, she will be in the near future..." So we do have that to look forward to. Read More...                                       ...



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