Top Moments: Pretty Little's "Pretty Eyes" and Now... Here's Snooki with the News

Our top moments of the week:

12. Worst Kiss: Bachelor Pad wouldn't be complete (and by "complete" we mean "characteristically disgusting and bad for humanity") without a kissing contest. Holly and Blake release some sexual tension when they make out (for a while actually) during the blindfolded competition. But as if making out in front of your housemates isn't bad enough, Holly's ex-fiancé Michael has to watch the whole thing. Awk-ward!

11. Worst Scare: Talk about heated competition! Gymnastics troupe Gymkana ups the ante for its America's Got Talent performance by adding a ring of fire, through which members will jump. It's all going smoothly until a Gymkaneer hits the ring mid-flip and brings the whole flaming hoop crashing down with him. He's OK, but what's totally not OK is that no emergency personnel rushed to anyone's aid with so much as an extinguisher. Safety first, people!

10. Best/Worst Maternal Instinct: On Weeds, Nancy reminds us how she has remained a successful drug dealer for nearly a decade (give or take a, cough, three-year prison sentence). Shane's behind bars and Silas is losing customers to the merry pranksters at Pouncy House, so Nancy needs to kill two birds with one cop: Detective Mitch Ouellette (guest star Michael Harney). She practically audibly bats her eyelashes at him and unfurls a spectacularly inaccurate (but appropriately sad-sack) version of events that convinces Mitch to raid Pouncy House, for the sake of a lonely single mother. "I wouldn't want anyone to get arrested," Nancy says. "Not my kids." (Probably not a good time to mention that Silas just negotiated a merger with Pouncy House, huh?) Read More...


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