Rookie Blue Review: Sandy Alert!

What's that sound? Oh yes, I believe it's all Sandy fans around the world cheering. Rookie Blue sent my little shipper heart beating wildly, as the show finally went there.

Bucking the trend of most prime time programs that insist on keeping their leads apart for as long as possible, "A Little Faith" gave fans what they craved and, damn, I couldn't be happier.

But let's get some other story points out of the way first. 

Did anyone else think that Chris was being a little too hard on Gail? Yes, she got close to his best friend, but Dov was the one professing his love, not Gail. Chris' Goldilocks bed hopping comment was over the top. I've never believed that Chris and Gail would survive long term, but Chris dumping her over this seemed a bit harsh and unfair. Read More...


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