Louie Recap: Cousin Oliver

Last month, Louis C.K. poked fun at TV clichés via the show-within-a-show, Oh Louie, a limply constructed fake-sitcom pilot that not only took a swipe at big-network conventions, but that also happened to reinforce Louie’s (and, presumably, Louis’s) anti-sitcom stance. So it was a little strange to watch last night’s episode, in which Louie embraced one of the most well-worn sitcom setups of all-time: The out-of-nowhere new kid! That’s right. Unless "Niece" was another of Louie’s hallucinatory episodes, Louie just got its own Cousin Oliver.

But before the brood expands, Louie has some generation-gap observations he needs to get off his chest. "Niece" opens with one of Louie’s longest stand-up riffs thus far, with our titular grumpy-puss complaining about the self-important young’ns he often has to deal with while renting a car. "They think they’re too interesting a person to have a shitty job," he says. "They’re 20, which is a mathematical guarantee that they have no skills and nothing to offer anybody in the word. For two decades, they’ve just been sucking up education and love and food and iPods." It’s amusingly harsh, but absolutely untrue: No one in their twenties can actually get a job these days. Read More...



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