SUITS (USA) “Rules of the Game” Review

SUITS (USA) "Rules of the Game" Episode 11 – It occurs to me that Suits has done something (at least for me) that not too many other shows have done: coming off as being on the air for much longer that it really has. We’re only 11 episodes into this series and yet we’ve already seen so many layers to these characters that it feels like we must be at least 3 seasons in.

In this episode we meet Cameron (played by a long-time favorite of mine, Gary Cole), who is Harvey’s former mentor and likes to call himself "Harvey’s Harvey." As much as I loved the character, the more I learned about Harvey’s history, the more I had to disagree with that assessment. Once I learned how much Jessica was involved in Harvey’s past and all the things she did for him, I’d have to say that she’s "Harvey’s Harvey." After all, she was the one who got him through law school and she was the one who sent him to Cameron to learn a few things. Those are both things that I could easily see Harvey doing for Mike. Read More...


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