ROOKIE BLUE “A Little Faith” Review

ROOKIE BLUE "A Little Faith" Season 2 Episode 11 – What was the aim of this episode? Why were McNally, Nash and Epstein sent undercover with nothing more than a bus token, expected to return to the precinct with scores of drugs and cash? I have no idea. And really, it’s sort of arbitrary. This is notThe Good Wife, where the cases are often just as interesting as the characters working them.Rookie Blue is a show about relationships, not cases. So who cares if the central case did not really make a lot of sense?

We still got to see Swarek and McNally having sex…or so I assume, since this is ABC not HBO and we mainly got to see a few shots of Swarek’s back and OMG! Was that a bra? Ooh! Their meeting at the Alpine was totally contrived, totally implausible and yet, I didn’t care. This season, as far as I’m concerned, the show has really strived to improve itself and it has succeeded to the extent where if they want to bend reality for the sake of a midnight romp, I’m all for it. Read More...


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