BURN NOTICE “Better Halves” Review

BURN NOTICE "Better Halves" Season 5 Episode 11 – Yes! Now this was an episode with a Fi that I recognize. Kickass, badass – whatever you want to call it, she had it in spades. Sure there were a few mopey moments in the beginning but by the end she was back on her game again.

Personally, I think Fi forgot for a while there that when she and Michael met, he was a spy. Judging by what we know about them, we can guess that they got into lots of trouble together and had lots of adventures that were pretty dangerous. Now that he’s back doing exactly the same thing (i.e., being a spy) she’s had a problem with it. But in tonight’s episode, they got put together on a case where they held each others lives in their hands and suddenly the romance returns, at least for her. I don’t think Michael ever lost it but I’m sure he’s glad that Fi found it again. Read More...



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