Durarara!! Season 1 Episode 1: Exit 1

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Based on the light novels by Ryohogo Narita, who has gained some stateside fame recently with Baccano! being released from FUNimation, Durarara!! is a twelve episode series being produced by Brain Base, which also did the work on Baccano!. Durarara! has six light novels as of this airing so there's certainly material to work with and this episode sets up the stage well while leaving a whole slew of questions. The primary one, throughout much of the episode though, is to wonder just what it is this show is about. But the same could easily have been said about Baccano! - and I know I said it during the entire run - so right now the show is all about style and unearthing exactly what it wants to be.

Durarara!! kicks off by introducing us to the somewhat quiet and introspective Ryuugamine Mikado. Ryuu has just arrived in Ikebukuro as he's going to the Ikebukuro East high school where it's an above average place with a solid program and great location. After living a fairly quiet life, keeping mostly to himself for the last few years, he's excited about this change as it brings him back into contact with his childhood friend Kida. Kida had moved away four years ago when they were in elementary school together but now they're in the same place. They kept in touch online though, a welcome nod to the way society has changed, so there isn't a huge meeting sequence as the two young men reunite. They've known all about each other from chat rooms and email all this time, but they do need to readjust to being in each others presence again. This isn't so bad since Kida is an outgoing and talkative guy who gets to show off his home of Ikebukuro to his best friend.

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