The Debt - Review

Remember when the CIA was badass? When it was known for doing ruthless things — and for doing them so well that even those who questioned the agency's morality never doubted its lethal cunning? These days, that kind of killer-spy reputation — at least, in the popular culture — tends to be associated more with the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. It's not simply that Mossad agents are thought of as being the most super-elite of operators. It's that they possess an image of skill that springs, in part, from their unsurpassable conviction. Steven Spielberg's great, wrenching Munichtapped deep into the mythology of how Mossad agents root their do-or-die ways in a kind of ''never again'' absolutism, and the tricky-gimmicky, mostly diverting new thriller The Debt is basically an entertaining riff on Munich. It's about a (fictional) operation of top secret Israeli revenge, carried out by three highly trained agents whose plan goes off the rails in ways that are more fascinating than the mission itself. Read More...,,20483791,00.html


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