Rob Dyrdek's 'Ridiculousness' On Drunk Stair Climbing (VIDEO)

Falling down the stairs is no laughing matter ... unless it happens to someone else, that someone is silly drunk and it's all been captured on video and posted online.

Then? Laugh away.

That's what Rob Dyrdek and co. are doing in this exclusive clip from next week's episode of 'Ridiculousness' (Mondays, 10PM ET on MTV), and really, how can you blame them? They see a lot of videos that are worthy of some mocking analysis, but this tipsy toppler actually has the perfect excuse for why she can't quite make it upstairs.

It's not that's she's drunk. It's not her high heels. It's the stairs. Obviously. Watch and enjoy!

One thing this clip doesn't show: guest star Johnny Knoxville, who'll be stopping by on Monday to join in on the fun.


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